Pipe Bands

Periodically you’ll hear the sharp snare, melodic reed and plaintive drone of our pipe and drum bands. If you follow your ears, you can join in the impromptu parade! This year we are thrilled to feature:

87th Cleveland Pipe Band, founded in 1987 by John Crawley, Sr., is a non-profit Scottish/Irish Pipe Band based out of Cleveland, Ohio.Please follow and like us:

87th Pipe & Drum

The West Side Irish American Club Pipe Band originally started out as the Irish Heritage Pipe Band in 2002, and officially joined forces with the West Side Irish American Club in 2013. Of our nine pipers, five have been with the band since its inception, and our Drum Sergeant, Mike Taylor, has been with us since the beginning as well. For those of you keeping[...] Read More »

West Side Irish American Club Pipe & Drum

The Pipes and Drums of the Cleveland Police was formed in 1996, in conjunction with the 160th anniversary of the Cleveland Division of Police.Please follow and like us:

Cleveland Police Pipe & Drums