Exhibit Your Art & Artifacts

Visual Arts

Cleveland’s Irish Cultural Festival features top creative artists, from both the local and national scenes.

Past exhibitors include photographers, sculptors, coppersmiths, lace makers, glass makers, authors, lecturers and many more!

Want to show your work at the festival?

Send us a sample or a bit of promotional material about your work and we’ll review it for inclusion in our Cultural Hall.

All work must be related to Irish culture or history.



Cleveland’s Irish Cultural Festival is building an exciting and extensive library of all things Irish: music, displays, exhibits, articles, clothing, pottery, sculptures, instruments and much more.

Want to donate artifacts to our museum?

Sample Items Include:

  • Music – cd’s, albums, cassettes, players, antiques….
  • Artifacts – clothing, tools, dishes, flags, or any other items exemplifying Irish heritage.
  • Collections – music, posters, displays, clothing, archives, Irish Dance costumes, or other articles related to Irish Dancing.
  • Sports – Jerseys, balls, flags, posters; items related to Gaelic Football, Hurling, or any other typically Irish sport.
  • Miscellaneous – paintings, sculptures, instruments, Greyhound Racing displays, exhibits, kilts — pretty much anything related to our beloved heritage.

We will try to display all donated items, provided that they fit our current year’s theme. Full credit will of course be given to the item donor.

Last but not least, we are also in need of display “tools”—such as poster or plywood boards, easels of any size, frames, tables, boxes, display cases, wall hangings (or any other display related items). If you wish to donate such items to the CICF Museum, please contact us at Museum Services.

For more information, or to donate, please contact us by email at info@clevelandirish.org.

To send materials by regular mail, please ship to: 

Cleveland’s Irish Cultural Festival
16538 Saint Anthony Lane
Cleveland, OH 44111

Thank You for Supporting our Festival Museum, Cleveland’s Irish Cultural Festival