Want to be a volunteer?!

If pourin’ beers, sellin’ tickets, and parkin’ cars is the way you like to support charities, this is the fest for you!

If sweating through your shirt, shorts, socks, shoes and tweed cap is the way you like to celebrate being Irish, this is the fest for you!

If working alongside friends and family with great music in the background and a cold drink in your hand is your idea of fun, this is the fest for you!

Okay, seriously: volunteering for Cleveland’s Irish Cultural Festival is a super rewarding experience; helping raise money for numerous organizations and programs in the Cleveland area and beyond. You’ll meet new friends, get all the behind the scenes perks, and your ticket for the day is comp’ed!


CICF New Volunteer Application

Interested in volunteering? Please send your contact information: First Name, Last Name, Email Address and Phone Number to CLEirishvolunteers@gmail.com.