Tesse Burke School of Dance

   Cleveland, OH

Welcome to the world of Irish Dancing! The Burke School of Irish Dancing strives to instill a love of Irish dance and culture in all of our students. The dancers of the school range in age from 4- 21, learning high self-esteem, fast friendships and success that comes with Irish Dancing. Some of the dancers have traveled all over the United States competing at numerous feisianna (a Gaeilc word for competition). The Burke School of Irish Dance is continuing to grow and share the love and culture of Irish dance with everyone.

The Burke School has a long tradition of excellence. Founded in 1958 by Theresa Burke, the school now operates in three locations; Cleveland, Youngstown, and Pittsburgh. The school founder, Theresa Burke, is one of the most prominent Irish dancing teachers in the United States. In 1965 she became the first North American woman to be certified by the international body governing traditional Irish step dancing. Theresa was recently honored in the Irish Dance Hall of Fame and celebrated fifty years of success teaching Irish dance. Theresa’s dancers have continuously won top prizes at the regional, national, and world level competitions.